Specialist in Importing  & Distributing fish feed from Europe

AquaJam Co., as a distributor of Coppens products in Iran, is proud to provide all types of Trout feed at all stages of breeding & providing after-sales service and technical support.
AquaJam is a specialist in Importing and marketing fish feed. Coppens experienced specialists guarantee high-quality, innovative fish feed. We apply our knowledge in order to distributing the most suitable fish feed for each fish species in each stage of life. Our own AquaJam Marketing Center plays a central role in this process.

Internal Service

Usualy , AquaJam’s marketing team work hard to respond as best as possible to market requirements and demands. distributing high quality trout feed and after-sale support are central to our business operations.

AquaJam is comprised of Two locations. The first – our headquarters in Tehran-Iran – is where we welcome our customers and take care of sales of our independently developed fish feed. Also our R&D section located in headquarters which takes care of scheduling, transport, and the importing of trout feed. All of Trout feeds after importing are Stored at the second location: Alongside our quality-conscious staff, AquaJam works with an extensive network of specialized agents and distributors to ensure high product quality. We import our fish feed for more than 100 Farms in Iran.

AquaJam is known in the market as a technical specialist that imports high-quality Trout feed. We continuously marketing on trout feed. Always we are thinking about importing and distributing trout feed what is compatible by trout farms situation in Iran and that caters to market demands.


AquaJam distribute its wide range of high-quality trout feed with passion and care. Our attention to detail makes us a reliable expert who is completely dedicated to its customers’ performance.


The aquaculture sector is experiencing tremendous growth worldwide. AquaJam ensures that fish farmers in Iran can practice responsible and effective aquaculture. Together, we are making a sustainable contribution to food production for a rapidly growing healthy population.

Coppens Products

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